3D Wall Motion Tracking and Tissue Enhancement technologies are now available.

3D Wall Motion Tracking, an industry first on the Artida offers a new era of dyssynchrony imaging and advanced regional wall motion assessment. It helps electrophysiologists in optimizing pacemaker placement and function. It also shows 3D ejection fraction, volumes and regional and global strain function. A Toshiba – exclusive software, Tissue Enhancement has ,, uniformity and endocardial border delineation, especially in difficult to scan patients.. 3D Wall Motion Tracking and tissue Enhancement for Aplio Artidafor the flagship cardiac system Aplio ArtidaTM, 3D Wall Motion Tracking and Tissue Enhancement technologies are now available.

New TEE probeEven with ACC is Toshiba’s new adult motor TEE probe that the diagnosis of many heart diseases to scan in difficult patients can be improved.The researchers presented their findings at the 100th Annual Conference of the American Association Cancer Res meeting on Tuesday, April, 2009, Denver. Angularly resolved by the U.S. Department of Defence, the National Institute of Health and National Science Foundation.

If successful in laboratory studies, this technique as a non-invasive way to quickly determine chemotherapy operates apply used , said Ostrander. – Typically, patients to undergo chemotherapy and will a few weeks later for a scanning be measured for changes in its Tumour size, she said. Down the road, we are confident tell it means faster, that success successfully, and In If he or she might to benefit from a adapting to Your therapy strategy. . Other scientists participate including include Kevin Chalut, Michael Giacomelli and Adam Wax..