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Is 11 http://revatiodrug.com .5 airlift is 11.5 tons of relief supplies to Haiti to Help Victims Of HurricanesUNICEF airlift 11.5 tonnes of relief supplies to Haiti for the victims homeless and displaced by the recent hurricanes to help. The first shipment of 8.5 tons arrived yesterday and three additional tons in the coming days in the coming days. – Since successive successive struck struck the country and affects more than 300,000 children, according to data released by the Government of Haiti. Cities like Gona? Ves remain partially flooded and local authorities estimate that 60,000 to 70,000 residents were in shelters in shelters, waiting to move the dirty water and to discover their homes their homes. ‘UNICEF to provide the first line of action to drinking water and improve sanitation the risk of diarrhea the risk of diarrhea epidemics,’said Annamaria Laurini, UNICEF Representative in Haiti. ‘We will also a public information campaign on the population and on the authorities to of the children of the children in this crisis,’she added. Pre-positioned are received hygiene kits, water purification tablets, oral rehydration salts, school kits and other items to help the victims.

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