A dietitian about how to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and body composition.

‘We know that the bone is constantly build and degradation, and run as fast these two processes determines the density of the bone we know the data is not involved at this time, the mechanisms of these changes in bone density. – ‘It is also important to note that these two studies were relatively short, nine to 12 weeks, so studies evaluate how protein intakes impact body composition and bone beyond the period of active weight loss would be helpful. ‘.. A dietitian about how to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and body composition, including muscle and bone. ‘Show Campbell and Tang, that more research is needed to better understand how different amounts and sources of protein effects bone when people human weight.’The effects of protein intake on bone remains ,, and information about dietary protein and bone from studies with weight – stable subjects may not work for weight loss, ‘Campbell said.

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