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A href= target= _blank rel= nofollow u003e This news release is available in French.Companies license real-time pathogen detection technology at Kent State designed NEOUCOMInnovative Technology at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Kent State University with the ability to detect bioterrorism developed agents and pathogens in food and water has led to two licensing agreements.

Christopher Woolverton, Kent State associate professor of biological sciences, Niehaus, NEOUCOM associate professor of physiology and pharmacology, Lavrentovich, director of the Kent State Liquid Crystal Institute, and Kathleen Doane, NEOUCOM associate professor of anatomy, formed the team of investigators, which produced a portfolio of patents and ultimately two license agreements.‘Osteoarthritis an extremely diverse illness in relation to the factor contributing to the loss of joint function,’said Dr. Gold Rings. ‘If we are to design treatments of patient, we must have in a classification system , which indeed described which driving of the process. If the illness progresses, the mechanisms take for signs, symptoms and destruction of joint fabrics varies in a particular patients and during the disease. We must to know in which location, research is necessary one patient to the be be, at this certain processes that can align to symptoms of and loss of joint function and choose the appropriate therapy. Information dissemination the summit is I hope quicken and help ahead research, interrupt many of of the barriers that have prevented advances where which care and treatment for patients with osteoarthritis..