A partnership of several persons both within the university and in the larger community get information here.

The CTSI, a partnership of several persons both within the university and in the larger community, coordinates the grant, administered by the NIH National Center for Research Resources. The CTSI also $ 23,000 from the UF Office of Research and supported $ 70 million in commitments from the College of Medicine. – ‘This award is recognition of the UF -edge research efforts and its contributions to health – related fields,’said Win Phillips, in 2006 get information here more info . President for research. ‘The strong research effort UF faculty. The basis for an improved translational and bench-to-bed research, contributions to health care, provide the core of this highly competitive program ‘.

The grant will support multidisciplinary research in a wide range of fields such as biomedical computer science, gene therapy, aging, nanotechnology and infectious diseases.

But Stearns recalls that the rate of change driven in through natural selection found in in this group of women is not much different by installments observed in the countryside. The paper goes home of point of that people do not differ, that we in approximately develops at the average rate as other life on this planet, said Stearns.

The prognoses in in the In Oct. Online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has been made based on an analysis by women who took part based on the famous Framingham Heart Study, year began in 1948. The results illustrate indicating the medical value in evolutionary biology principles, 150 years after Darwin published in Origin of Species, the authors say. – ‘The notion that natural selection is ceased to plain the population living in people to hold because we have become better human and has just plain wrong,’said Stephen C. Stearns, senior author of of paper and Edward P. Bassprofessor of ecology and evolution biology.