~ Abstinence-Only Funds Still Alive and Kicking in 09 budget www.ciprofloxacin500.com.

~ ‘Abstinence-Only Funds Still Alive and Kicking in ’09 budget, ‘Emily Douglas, RH Reality Check: ‘the politicians should not cut the storied scalpel currently abstinence-only funding, ‘added Douglas writes in a blog entry that Title V, Community-Based abstinence Education program is an ‘unmitigated disaster proved to be ineffective in a study after www.ciprofloxacin500.com read more . ‘according to Douglas, comprehensive sexuality education advocates ‘for a complete ‘zeroing out ‘all abstinence-only funds request Title V, Democrats took a ‘preliminary step towards the removal of funding ‘on Tuesday when they cut CBAE budget by 13 percent ‘, 000 reduction in their 2009 spending bill. ‘This action is ‘a step in the right direction and that the budget for 2010, Obama’s first can cuts sections ‘Douglas writes, noting that Title V, ‘is set to expire in June 2009, and proponents hope that it is not authorized. ‘She continues that ‘it should tell you something about the unpopularity of the program that 16 States have Title V Fund transforms even as state budgets role. ‘According to Douglas, ‘Elimination of abstinence-only funding is only half the battle ‘and advocate ‘Obama looking for a leading role in funding comprehensive sex education, as he had promised during his campaign. ‘She notes that Rep. Barbara Lee and Sen. Frank Lautenberg ‘have the reintroduction of the REAL Act session meeting, the funding for states, to assign age-appropriate, medically accurate would teach obliged ‘sexual education (Douglas, RH Reality Check, ‘ Your Health Insurance Consider Planned Parenthood clinics, ‘Deborah Kotz, U.S. News & World Report On Women: According to the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the current ‘bleeding labor market, additional 14,000 Americans every day without health insurance,[ n] o surprise ‘that ‘many of us are now praying that our birth control fail does not ‘it is ‘, ‘Kotz writes in a blog post. That many that many people without health insurance ‘at Planned Parenthood clinics were swarming to get free or subsidized contraceptives. ‘By Kotz, ‘there is no doubt that the family planning to do. Great service, especially as more and more of ourselves not afford basic health care needs , such as a yearly Pap[test] or month to find birth control pills. ‘Kotz writes that in most states, women on Medicaid qualify no-cost services of Planned Parenthood received and that unemployed women are ‘exclude[d] ”. Receiving unemployment benefit or an employed spouse,’continue when driving, that Planned Parenthood staff trying to ‘work with each patient to ensure affordable services ‘through a sliding scale of income. ‘ ‘exhausted all funding options – including grants from other organizations and donations from community members – of a patient of a patient billing, ‘Kotz wrote. It concludes: ‘Now, if we set up just such a makeshift the rest of our the rest of our health care needs, such as mammograms, appendicitis operations, colonoscopies cover. ‘(Kotz, U.S. News & World Report ‘on women.

Comment On Comment On Brownback letter, Obama budget plan, Guttmacher Family Planning Report, Other~ Save Us Up: New Guttmacher data Supports Family Planning Aid Micah Steffes, RH Reality Check: A recent Guttmacher Institute report on publicly funded programs , confirms, confirms the stupidity of placing family planning assistance on the back burner, Steffes writes. The report found to publicly funded programs to prevent family planning that help more than 800,000 abortions and nearly two million unintended pregnancies each year, she wrote, adding that the costs associated[ with] the birth, the new data spelled savings given to the taxpayer as a direct result of the funding. Steffes finds that there is a conspicuous absence of expanded eligibility for Medicaid family planning in fiscal 2009 omnibus spending bill . Adds that adds that the report provides some real assistance what should be a no-brainer: the expanding provisions for family planning is the common sense in times like these. Steffes question of whether the critics ‘ Planned Parenthood Bailout and taxpayer-funded abortion[ is] argument too great a toll over the progress of these problems, She continues. I will stay true to my cause and hope that hope will prevail. It is too early to lose faith in the platform that Obama won his Oval Office It includes:. [ L] et the Guttmacher report show Congress the need for the continuation of family planning to assist up to bat, especially since the series Women of who who desperately need these funds will continue to expand (Steffes, RH Reality Check.


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