According to an editorial published in the British Medical Journal see more?

In 2006 100m annually on Pointless indigestion drug By NHSIt is estimated that the National Health Service at least 100m spends each year on unnecessary indigestion drugs, according to an editorial published in the British Medical Journal ? The UK is not alone in this type of expenditure – apparently almost 2 billion is to be spent worldwide on such medications each year see more .

Two gastroenterology doctors at Kings College Hospital, write that proton-pump inhibitors, the most commonly prescribed classes of drugs. They inhibit the backflow of stomach acid indigestion . The world spent? on these drugs in 2006, spent the UK?

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Schizophrenia concerns for about 1 per cent of global the population About 40 % of disease is believed sporadically with the other 60 % seen in people whose family does not involve the illness. This study is by National Institutes of Health nation Institute of Mental Health and the Lieber the Center for Schizophrenia Research has been supported at Columbia University Medical Center.