According to the Seattle Times

According to the Seattle Times, ‘the five applications Google SMS Search technology and MTN telecom network This includes Farmer ‘s Friend, a searchable database with agricultural advice and weather forecasts, health tips paired with sexual and reproductive health information to make Clinic nearby clinics locate,. And Google Trader of agricultural products of agricultural products, merchandise and other products fit ‘content provided by local partners, the newspaper said more info . ‘Marie Stopes Uganda and the Straight Talk Foundation provide health information, ‘while the Busoga Rural Open Source Development Initiative provides agricultural information created and tested by small farmers, according the Seattle Times .

The book begins with a look at the history and definition of obesity, as well as its causes and consequences. The authors appear to be in the controversies surrounding obesity, from its status as a disease, the diet – food, medicine, surgery and other invasive procedures for the treatment.

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Africa slum dwellers are especially vulnerable to the adverse health impacts rapid urbanization and global climate change. More research is needed to understand the effects of climate change for developing which health of slum dwellers as well as appropriate adaptation measures to. With the planning to public health intervention in Africa must be remembered the dynamic relation between climate change and urbanization and its effects at vulnerable urban populations.