Although Wii Fit BMI calculator has flaws.

I think there is a great potential to develop ways to to promote physical activity through technology, said David Dzewaltowski, professor and head the department of kinesiology at K-State and director of the University Community Health Institute. Kids innately like move, so I believe it. A big future in games that use new technologies and require movement because the games are enjoyed by children and also be healthier than the existing games .. Although Wii Fit BMI calculator has flaws, it is a promising tool for all agesWhile some new technologies environments that can create physical exertion physical effort, one Kansas State University researchers games help helping Nintendo Wii Fit , instead of promoting physical sedentary activities for people of all ages.

I also believe that adults enjoy movement if they are at a fitness level where they activity activity comfortably, Dzewaltowski said. The problem is, most adults have very poor fitness levels. I think there is a future in the game development, the movement and demand caloric expenditure contained at the level of the participant .– improve mistake once maneuvering had closely correlate with a high number of neuritic plaques at biopsies and increased beta – amyloid in the cerebrospinal fluid.