And I would ask all vets to refer to it.

The BVA poster on responsible use should be displayed in veterinary practices across the UK as a constant reminder, and I would ask all vets to refer to it. Could take to heart failure, the message of responsible handling vets prescribe lose the right to certain drugs that could have a significant impact on animal health and welfare, leading.

In addition, some EU Member States that already restrict the availability of antibiotics, the vets the vets and take strict formulary access to drugs prescribe them. The BVA is concerned that this trend in the UK and the freedom of veterinarians prescribe to reach their clinical judgment are restricted. Annotated said Harvey Locke, President of the BVA.Stakeholder in the JAB partner are the the NFU, National Sheep Association, nation Beef Association, UK Meat Processors Association, Livestock Auctioneers Association, Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers, British Veterinary Association, Country country Business Association, Tenant Farmers Association and, Association of Independent Meat vendor, Dairy Germany, British Cattle Veterinary Association, das Schaf Veterinary Society, that Rare Breed Survival player trust In, British Alpaca Society, British Llama Society, British Wool Marketing Board, British Simmen Valley Society, German Beef & Lamb Executive and sheep center..

But Joint Action towards blue tongue ‘Do not hesitate to get vaccinated, ‘Message, UKto be Farmers in the surveillance zone was asked by the Joint Action compared to bluetongue to vaccine their have not already done have not already done .