And therefore require a high level of care.

The Australian Nursing Federation is consistent with elder care providers who are now saying that nursing homes such as hospitals are more than residences. ‘As people access more care in their communities have more in need of a nursing home those complex health needs, and therefore require a high level of care,’said Ged Kearney, Federal Minister of the ANF. ‘But nurses are not the ones who provide most of the care Instead, the geriatric care providers to aid in nursing or caregivers who are constantly asked, to the needs of on their on their plane leaving present continue. Skills or knowledge, to Manage It is just not fair to the AINS or carers is still fair to the residents and ultimately compromising the quality of care. – ‘The in in nursing engaged wonderful and deserves to be by qualified staff by qualified personnel Registered and nurses are needed to address the complex care of residents and assistants in nursing working to provide needed,’Ms Kearney said..

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