Angelika Amon.

Angelika Amon, professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said she is surprised by the results. A cancer cell.ny people syndromes known that haploinsufficiency widely used in the development of complex multicellular organisms, she said. But these data show, it is also crucial for the individual cells and cell proliferation. .

The results also provide a different perspective of the two-hit model of carcinogenesis, said Amon. Remarkable stability, cancer cells gene copies at each corner of the area to be deleted. If the loss of a tumor suppressor copy offers no survival advantage for tumor, then the tumor has no incentive cell with this cell with this deletion. But if the loss of that copy increases proliferation, then the chance of a second hit is sharply greatly. ‘To accelerate haploinsufficiency is a way for the cancer cell drastically the acquisition of growth beneficial mutations, ‘Amon said.On 25 September starts the Drug Enforcement Administration her first national Prescription Drug Take – Return campaign. Campaign was designed to bring about a national focused on the issue of medication abuse.