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LUTS, or the problems of frequent urination, especially at night concludes, is a common problem that affects about 40 % of the men, a %age that increases with age. There is no reason prostate cancer prostate cancer. – Possible benefits alleviate symptoms of prostate cancer treatment of lower urinary tract were largely overlooked, said Martin G. Director of the Prostate Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Professor of Urology at Harvard Medical School. We wanted to to identify the determinants of pretreatment urinary function benefits to degradation by prostate cancer treatment. .Of Denmark health care system has state-run, that is health care by controlling out time out – of-pocket costs for the patients lot of like this health system in the western districts by long waiting times by long waiting times of surgery and radiation therapy to significant to significant tumor progression to head and neck cancer patients treated and as a consequence a higher risk of local recurrence and death.. A telephone hotline, Denmark, implement a national Fast Track to cancer patients reduction the waiting time between a patient’s first encounter with a physician and her first treatment for cancer patients ‘ treating, diagnosis delay time due Danish health care Fast Track reducing four weeks in a comparison of 2010 till ,, sponsored by after a study at the Multidisciplinary Head Neck Cancer Symposium from ancestor, ASTRO and SNM.

At 1 Examines Challenges to China’s response to HIV / AIDS’Focus on China’s AIDS response,’UNAIDS: Although China HIV prevalence of less than 0.1 percent of the population had experiencing the land in coping for the challenges of virus, submitted a report by UNAIDS. The Chinese government is in recent years is increased that response to. At introducing laws and regulations, the implementation HIV prevention and the access to antiretrovirals According to UNAIDS, HIV prevention should be remain a priority in China, where estimate 30 million+ in behavior in behavior and make them available will participate in the danger of HIV transmission. In addition, stigma and discrimination people people affected directly or indirectly by HIV / AIDS to China efforts to efforts the virus, though the Chinese government recent banned discrimination of HIV-positive people.