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In patients with unstable angina and myocardial infarction invasive treatment methods are often used in patients , but show after the background information in the article, some studies re-hospitalizationt benefit patients that are women who. Them possibly an increased risk of heart attack or death The authors say that , the invasive strategy is ambiguous advantage among women, but ‘individual studies were not large enough to reliably discover the results into subgroups www.canadapharmacymag.com www.canadapharmacymag.com . ‘.

Concluded the researchers. The combination of these data , we were able to explore the association of sex with outcomes both overall and in high-risk subgroups, whereas individual studies may not be sufficiently supplied in this regard, future investigations should include new methods for identifying women at high risk of adverse outcomes after NSTE ACS and whose risk modifiable modifiable with an invasive approach include .

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