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Despite these comments, it is McCain running radio ads that he would support Palin and promise ‘of stem cell research to free families from the fear and devastation of illness to help. ‘Although the display is technically correct, because Palin supports adult stem cell research, added: ‘ said the allegation was ‘very, very misleading. ‘Charo added: ‘If McCain differs from his previous support, it is not with the disease activist groups or people sick people in their homes very popular. On the other hand, if he does not say that it people people who support him from the socially conservative part of the base. ‘Tim Kamp, a UW-Madison researcher, co-chair the summit, said he still thinks the political climate for stem cell research is more affordable than in the past. ‘It does not seem quite so much of a wedge issue as it past past elections, ‘Kamp said, adding: ‘.Sources said Dakota. The following highlights of latest news of public action at abortion legislation relating to activities in abortion legislation of New Hampshire, South Dakota.