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CS-8958, manufactured by Daiichi Sankyo and Biota ownership is by Twin Caps , a patented dry powder inhaler that supplied treatment and prevention of treatment and prevention of influenza infections in both seasonal and pandemic situations Hovione. The device is designed to be in a broad range of patients inspiratory flow rates are used, and requires a single priming action before use.Experimental study may be be eased by the use of local anesthetic.

Inflammatory intestinal diseases is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, especially the intestines that, into the people who combined the genetic potential by environment factors can arise. There were not a definite medical care and drug in general relieve the symptoms.

Local anesthetics used the the restaurant tissues on their potential surgical procedures. However, their mechanism of action is their potential neuronal activity of neural activity in the area. As it is proposed that IBD the imbalance of the imbalance in the autonomic neurons of the colon local anesthetics has the potential reducing inflammation at the site the large intestine, have been affected by IBD.