Details are published August 21 in the open access journal PLoS Pathogens

Impaired transport in neurons triggers prion diseaseA new study shows that may nervous system integrity and axonal properties play an important role in prion diseases . The results? By researchers at the Rudolf Virchow Center and the Institute of Virology at the University of W expand our understanding of of the development of prion disease and suggest novel targets for therapeutic and diagnostic approaches in the early stages. Details are published August 21 in the open – access journal PLoS Pathogens.

After prion injection into the brain and motor neuron system observed Ermolayev and colleagues described the clinical symptoms. If clinical symptoms occurred, the researchers found a significant reduction in axonal transport in neurons of two brain centers, the red nucleus and the motor cortex. Axonal transport impairments were seen in 45 % of neurons in the red nucleus and up to 94 % of the motor cortex neurons. – These results will find find better ways to diagnosing and treating prion diseases, said Dr. Vladimir Ermolayev.

In order to grown, tumors exit a high level of organic nutrients pass on the tumor site. This nutrient flow is for tumor progression the host in the host bodies through this growth of new blood vessels. The growth of new blood vessels becomes known as angiogenesis process. In tumor angiogenesis, growth of blood vessels, in order to support its growth of the tumor. This groundbreaking BCRI study demonstrated that angiogenisis or transmission of new blood vessel to assist of tumor growth is delayed if large concentrations of vitamin C the blood are present. High concentrations vitamins C saturation of require angiogenic occur are obtained with the the intravenous infusion of of vitamin C .

New Century Infusion Solutions, for the first Oncology benefit managers company , is pleased published publication of a white paper through the Lewin Group:. ‘Medicare Cancer Care Coordination the integrated Single Speciality Provider Models ‘the report is estimated that included an 10-year the horizon, a payer is could be realized oncology saving ‘$ 16,000 for every 10,000 Medicare beneficiaries in ISSP package. ‘ – According to Joel Menges an Lewin Group Managing Director and to the report of ‘s lead author, ‘The Integrated Unit Specialty Provider model the capacity initially condo from the payer ambulant Krebs charges manages significant savings in view of the harsh News typically occuring in the sector. ‘commented on commented Menges, ‘application of the model in the broader sense of Medicare ring create particularly great saving potentials. ‘.