Diagnostic computer.

Diagnostic computer.ctors show The Body – The Nintendo Wii To interpret radiology examinationsThe popular Nintendo Wii video game system helps radiology students reach new levels! Faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College have used the motion-sensitive Wii Remote using the same computer, to analyze scans coupled, and have determined that the Wii Remote inspection CT and MRI images better ergonomics, increased interactivity in the teaching, and may improve makes the scans.

He says it boosts class ‘ interactivity, so that the students interpret scans, rather than simply watch the teacher. – It is exciting to teachers innovative tools to look of of not only technology that technologies that have the potential to change the entire field of radiology, says Dr. Robert Min, radiologist-in-chief at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center and chairman of radiology at Weill Cornell Medical College.. Currently, the Wii is used in radiology courses at Weill Cornell as a tool for the training of students.Preparatory methods of traditional foods have part of folklore a country or a area. Traditions of have taught customs or conviction on from generation to the nearest, is often from mouth to mouth, and they play an important role in the cultural identify. The most important results Soares in Costa from NIH Portugal has for the traditional foodstuffs work packages Within these EuroFIR project. She said: Unfortunately, Europe, some traditional dishes because of changed in danger of disappearing due to changing life styles , so it is important to investigate and document traditional foodstuff in order to maintain important elements the European cultures.

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