Dream of pill to the more distant futureTo fight heart failure.

Years Thoracic Society Clinical Policy Statement on Palliative Carepalliative care was once reserved for patients when all curative options had been exhausted and death imminent, but it is now an integral part of care that should be for patients with serious diseases airways and critical illness.

The statement also provides practical information for clinicians to consider when a referral to hospice care such as mechanical ventilation and resign.Dream of pill to the more distant futureTo fight heart failure, a substance must be found that bind to the protein HIF1-alpha, The time block it. It may be difficult to an antagonist antagonist HIF1-alpha because the protein no enzyme docking location. Nevertheless is research under way a suitable a suitable the molecule even though Professor Wilhelm Krek do not think be achieved quickly. He has convinced, however, that with an effective legal remedy, the stress can be reduced associated with the disease of civilization..

Is disturbed has to in of the online journal Cell Metabolism .. Fatty changes in heart muscle cellsheart failure it on worldwide major causes of death – due illnesses such as diabetes and obesity. With people who are overweight, the heart has to to do more work the blood by the blood through the circulatory system, and this results in an increase in blood pressure. The heart itself are larger than cardiac muscle cells increase in the mass. Serve the heart grow there is also an increased intake of energy and oxygen. However suffer the cardiac muscle cell lack of oxygen and energy while there enough vessels to assist the tissue.