Forum member Roger Corder adds: From all on this topic on this subject.

Not correct for a healthy diet, which is also probably very important risk of dementia.oor diet with an increased risk of dementia due to deficiencies such as low omega-3 fat intake, inadequate vitamin B12 is associated, but it is also known that improved vascular function in alcohol drinkers could account for some of the elements of the reduced risk of dementia.. Forum member Roger Corder adds: From all on this topic on this subject, I fully agree that there will be very alcohol consumption alcohol consumption from other healthy lifestyle factors in populations where moderate drinking is commonplace in this context is the study.

The authors conclusions suggests that light to moderate alcohol consumption is inversely related to incident dementia associated, even in individuals aged 75 years and older.Forum CommentsBackground: In the past 31 years the association between moderate alcohol consumption and cognitive function has been investigated in 71 studies involving 153,856 men and women from various populations with various drinking patterns. Most studies have shown a link between light moderate alcohol consumption and better cognitive function and reduced risk of dementia, including vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.Of China is expected to reports as many as in 24 million men more than women in the next 10 years, according to a recent study, the Chinaman Academy of Social Sciences, that Reg. / Washington Post. The imbalances follows from rigorous family planning laws of majority of Chinese most Chinese couple child, well as a traditional preference for male heir leading many couples on to end pregnancy of female fetuses, in accordance with the AP / Post.

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