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Fennell, hand transplant recipient in the U.S., lost her right hand after it was crushed in a roll-over car accident in June 2006. After the amputation, occupational therapists helped her learn to use her left hand for all tasks, and I intend to old daughter stop take her shoes, writing, dressing and even car. She tried a prosthetic hand and traditional ‘ hook’ prosthesis but stayed with them because they are not the functionality they wanted, they said.

Fennell missed it the ‘little things ‘that are to be taken for granted, such as putting her hair in a ponytail or cutting up a steak while dining at a restaurant. She researched hand transplantation and became excited about the possibilities could a new hand, including the ability to maintain itself more her 6 – year-old daughter to become more independent and achieve more success in their careers.Need to find out Save Liver Cancer I Survival player Show Prices Under Lao / Hmong people – American.

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