I eat anything.

I eat anything, now I see myself as less of a dieter and more of a gourmet. I don t select foods only because of their calories. I take into account their nutritional profile, how they taste and how they feel. The food is not the enemy it once was. As a foodie, I appreciate all the food? what – calorie fat content fat content. I just make sure to enjoy these indulgent foods in smaller portions. Enjoyed, for example, in the tasting Pavilion on Saturday afternoon, I have a number of desserts, but only in tiny portions? About two to three bites of each. Of coursepent the weekend in San Francisco at the 2nd Annual Foodbuzz Festival. It was all about good friends, good times, and good food! In fact, the entire festival was centered around food? Talking about the exchange of ideas and of course, enjoy every bite..

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