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In addition to explain how temperature temperature, Julius important contributions to our understanding of pain. By that TRP ion channels through a variety of chemicals, by inflamed tissue by inflamed tissue, and has enabled harmful chemicals such as spider venom and mustard oils, Dr. Julius these channels as polymodal receptors allow us to detect established. Through the pain, the presence of inflammation or injury , and temperature extremes His work has a great impact not only in basic neuroscience research, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, where TRP channels have had emerged as important potential targets for the development of novel analgesics..

Julius was able to identify the molecular receptor for capsaicin and to show that one is expressed specifically in a subset of sensory neurons that important components of the important components of the pain train. He also revealed that the receptor known as TRPV1, a heat-sensitive ion channel, with a temperature threshold corresponding perceive the point at which we begin to warm stimuli as painful. Julius has continued to study TRPV1 and related channels, and in more recent work has identified the receptor for menthol, a plant substance that produces a cooling sensation. He showed that the menthol receptor reacts cold temperatures, thereby proving that the TRP family of ion channels constitutes the fundamental mechanisms for temperature sensation in mammals..O defective vision – will be may not broke beams correctly, when the cornea and / or lens are non bend evenly and smoothly. Sightedness is a kind of defective vision. The cornea has either no sufficient, curved in or the eye is shorter than it should be. The light beams focus the retina is not , but behind it – are traveling light beams around the back of the retina of, farsightedness correctly bend from the lens and of the corneal – characterized blurred vision after liquid where articles nearby are. Some middle-aged people whose eye gradually lose the ability to the active focused on nearby objects yet be focal focus to nearby sufficiently clarity of.

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