In order to provide a complete solution

In order to provide a complete solution, WHIA partner partner relationships with major vendors. SEDECAL, a global OEM manufacturer of x-ray systems, has WHIA WHIA the the WHO-approved x-ray machine. SEDECAL honored and excited to be able this project this project, says Manuel Martinez-Garcia, president and CEO . WHIA will make a difference in the diagnosis and thus to improve health in developing countries and remote areas the world. SEDECAL commitment is WHIA support on the technical side by their technical resources available to the project and the development of x-ray systems for these special applications. SEDECAL has also invested in WHIA by donating equipment and accessories at a discounted rate.

About WHIAWHIA is a non-profit, diagnostic medical imaging solutions provider, 50,000 employeesdemic relations at a low cost diagnostic tools used to provide underserved communities around the world. WHIA provides reliable and sustainable solutions to give communities access to the latest technology for improved patient care. More information on WHIA see.

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