In recognition of World Tuberculosis Day

In recognition of World Tuberculosis Day, Jorge Sampaio, former President of Portugal and the UN Secretary General ‘s Special Envoy to Stop TB, called for the strengthening of the guidance to address TB / HIV . TB is a leading cause of death among people with HIV / AIDS, he said. Several countries have shown that targets relating to TB / HIV are achievable and have taken measures have jeopardized the impact on the lives of people the most is provided. But this is a restless struggle. We must do much more and far too better. better. .

Changes in WHO classification of causes of death. This year, under the new guidelines deaths are classified by a combination of HIV and TB is not more than TB deaths.The Global Plan to TB , of the Stop TB Partnership () in January 2006 launched, stop lays a roadmap for treating 50 million people for TB and enrolling 3,000 patients, about tuberculosis.e on antiretroviral therapy over the next 10 years, saving about 14 million lives. It aims to TB prevalence and deaths compared with 1990 2015.

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