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In this process, the research could lead better quality and yield of corn. Bass noted that the understanding the genetic control of processes such as seed development and grain fill have a significant impact on improving the yield and quality of maize seed. – ‘In corn, the kernel stores food, energy and vitamins, ‘said Bass here . ‘These are direct or indirect products of gene activity. Findings of this project are therefore likely to agronomic agronomic implications for improving corn. ‘.

Our study proposes to combine biochemical and microscopic access access and map the regions of the genome verse verses inaccessible, Bass said.The research will be crucial, because genome organization is essential to its function.The study emerging transdisciplinary team FSU co-principal investigators Karen M. McGinnis and Jonathan H. Florida State recruited the molecular biologists / geneticists in 2008 and 2009 for the integration of genotype and phenotype research clusters by the NSF.and fellow biologist David Houle ongoing as part of of the University codeveloped Pathways of Excellence initiative. Earlier this year, McGinnis a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development Award collected by the NSF. Dennis is a pioneer in the mapping of the human chromatin. From 2003-2007, Bass has an NSF – funded project to map genes onto maize chromosomes using advanced microscopic techniques.

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