Kheir starting looking into the idea of injectable oxygen.

After taking care of a young girl who had severe pneumonia in 2006 and suffered severe brain injuries due to extremely low blood-oxygen levels, Kheir starting looking into the idea of injectable oxygen.

They used an ultrasound machine – a device that Oxygen iswaves of high intensity emits mixed lipids and oxygen. Oxygen is trapped in tiny particles, about two to four microns in size – too small with the naked eye with the naked eye. They found that a solution in which 70 percent of the volume of oxygen was is just right for human blood. – Kheir says:.It is the main cause several metabolic syndrome Fact Sheet and its complications, including hepatic steatosis . At present there are no medications having both anti-obesity effects of and reversed and stop obesity-related Steatosis was and metabolic syndrome, liver enlargement, conditions how high blood glucose and high triglycerides , which can lead the cardiovascular disease.. Adiposity is an inflammatory, chronic and progressive disease of that is assigned with dramatic changes in the tissues and blood levels of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory proteins and hormones.

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