Must may tanning salons and sunbeds at premises including beauty salons.

Must may tanning salons and sunbeds at premises including beauty salons, leisure centers, sports centers and hotels, offered the use of a lounge and will be allowed to reserve in an area for sunbathing users is. Are responsible for enforcing the law by inspecting businesses and premises to ensure they comply with the new rules. – Anne Milton said: – . Cases of skin cancer continue to rise each year, this new legislation is a way to reduce one of the biggest cancers among 15-24 year-olds go.

‘In addition to protection under 18 years of sunbed use, we hope the legislation sends a clear message to all that using a tanning bed increases the risk of skin cancer skin cancer, the World Health organization has classified sunbed use in the highest risk category for cancer, alongside tobacco.And election through Capitol Hill have a major effect in the healthcare reform will be implemented.

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