New York Daily News.

New York Daily News. ‘The Congress has done the right thing ‘in passing the stem cell legislation, and it ‘must at least try to put any veto override delivers a powerful message on behalf of of a supportive American public, ‘a New York Daily News editorial says (New York Daily News.

Las Vegas Sun. Bush ‘remains steadfast in his ignorance – ignoring the overwhelming majority of Americans to support research using stem cells, a large number of scholars who research and also prominent Republicans who prefer to support it,’a Sun editorial says. ‘fund the Bush government funds the research that scientists say, some of the healing the world refuses the most debilitating conditions is – unfortunately – not surprising,’the editorial concludes .To an research on molecular relationships between insulin resistance and inflammation have shown a new target structure for treatment of diabetes, tell scientists John G. Rangos Sr. Research Center, Kinderspital Pittsburgh of UPMC is. Their results were published this month which online version of Diabetes, one of journals of the American Diabetes Association.