Older people in Northern Ireland are on average eat four servings of fruits and vegetables per day follow to see more.

‘Older people in Northern Ireland are on average eat four servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This is higher than levels in the rest of the UK, but remains below current government recommendations follow to see more more info . – ‘A huge 22 % of respondents were not aware of the current guidelines of eating five servings of fruits and vegetables government a day In fact, some of the respondents who eat only two servings a day, they were enough to eat. – should eat ‘Older people more fruit and vegetables. You are more likely to of the five-a-day recommendations and associated benefits. We recommend that more be done to older people to raise awareness of these their involvement in their exposure to products and dishes that include fruit and vegetables. – ‘We’re planning on this research by developing and testing approaches for the elderly to increase knowledge and to build the preference for fruits and vegetables. ‘.

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