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Principal investigator Dr. Michal Toborek says the level of protective effects of exercise on the integrity of the blood-brain barrier according to the human equivalent of one gram of methamphetamine was surprisingly even the research team.

Smells are recognized as RevealedScientists are trying to figure out how to detect odors and processed by the brain, a previously unknown a previously unknown step in the process.The four-year study on how mice to respond to odors, showed that up up picked up by the olfactory bulb – the first stop on the way to the brain – then sent to the olfactory cortex for further analysis. – But scientists discovered something else – a dialogue between the bulb and the cortex conducted by rapidly firing nerve cells.Somalian children 6 percent of preschool enrollment in Minneapolis.. Of Proton Therapy and booklet helping patients better understand Radiation Therapy.

6 percent of health officers study Autism ‘ clustering ‘ sub Somali community.

Raising autism diagnoses among the Somali community in Minneapolis, Minnesota, experts are questions for public health care, ‘that is the apparent rise in cases is actual outbreak, with a lead cause to can be approached, or just one statistical accident, ‘that New York Times. Is estimated 30,000 to 60,000 Somalis are to live in Minneapolis.

Reason for the cluster, the Times report to identify – According to the Times, speculation has transgressed all bounds on possible causes, including the living conditions of Somalia and in refugee camps Kenyan, traditional medical, mixed marriages, genetic predisposition to, vitamin D deficiency is and vaccines, but every theory has weakness. To For example , the vaccine theory. No be credible, as most of the children have been born in the city and Medicaid beneficiaries and thus have obtained the same medical treatment and vaccination like other children in the town Vitamin D deficiency is also a shady explanation because Somali resembles on condition on whites and blacks, and Somali average.