Reported in the current issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The finding, reported in the current issue of the Journal of Clinical Investigation, follows the team the last breakthrough discovery that local cardiac mast cells renin renin. Experts had previously assumed that renin was by the kidneys by the kidneys. Now we mast cell mast cell renin locally during heart attack or other acute cardiovascular events published the heart is explain why the heart is especially prone to arrhythmias at these times, said study author senior researcher Dr. Roberto Levi, professor of pharmacology at the Weill Cornell Medical College.

When the immune system confronts the new flu virus, these broadly neutralizing anti-stalk are used antibodies it it, say lessening the severity of of the novel virus, but also eliminating the old virus. Palese and Wang antibody against another surface protein neuraminidase can act in the same manner. – The present discussion suggests that the induction of a major humoral immune response against conserved hemagglutinin stalk epitopes and / or against the neuraminidase protein leads the clearance of old seasonal influenza virus strains, they wrote..Previous research has shown in that before the availability of HAART in patients study were overweight CD4 cells lose – a hallmark of the HIV infection – slowly than those who have normal and below normal weight. – Study ‘suggesting that low CD4 counts can have a different negative consequence of obesity be too,’she said, adding that patients should be working to maintaining a healthy weight.

Among other possibilities, she told, it is could mean that be standard dose of of medication – put in clinical studies – may not be enough for obese patients, or it may on about the added weight, the effects of medication the effect of drugs.