Sabaawy laboratory uses a new zebrafish breed as Casper.

Ability to monitor and detect cancer development in aged fish Together with researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute, is a collaborative effort is underway to study the regulation of gene expression in early leukemia development using zebrafish.. Hatem E. Sabaawy, oncologist at CINJ and assistant professor of medicine at UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Sabaawy laboratory uses a new zebrafish breed as Casper , the famous remains transparent throughout life. A normal breed of zebrafish only only in the embryonic stage by the first four to six weeks of life, but not until adulthood.

CINJ is one of a handful of institutions around the country to provide resources to a huge database of tissue samples, CINJ results and other information that will help to be in the hospital setting able to determine one day tailor-made treatment tailor-made treatment for their patients. CINJ is also one of the few cancer centers in the nation own own zebrafish laboratory. A transparent breed of fish it is the scientists go further than ever before in the fields of leukemia and lymphoma research.Instead, obtain the switch cell its energy exclusively from stop a sugar, glucose. In contrast, the earlier stage of mouse embryonic stem view more power option , dynamic Currency by mitochondrial respiration for of glucose breaks down on demand for.

This phenomenon has previously associated with aging and disease. This was the first example of which downshifts taxation regular early embryonic development. – The downshift by the date when germ line, the guardian genome has been set for the next generation, one side, Ruohola – Bakersfield said. Therefore, reduction in of mitochondrial reactive oxygen species , the natural protecting the future protect the future. .. Metabolic transition occurs they saw very early as a mouse embryo, divisive hardly more than a speck on its cells which Implantate in the the mother’s uterus. The change low oxygen levels low oxygen levels, said Ruohola – Bakersfield. Off grid also saw a particular kind of biochemistry slowing cells mitochondrial – which cells of powerhouses.