Sixty-nine % of all dispensed dispensed in the United States today telecoil

Hearing aids can easily and cost wireless receivers for use with telephones and hearing hearing aid systems and hearing loops neckloops by adding a telecoil option to help. Sixty-nine % of all dispensed dispensed in the United States today telecoil . But far too few consumers and hearing professionals know and use. – Pat Kricos, president-elect of the Academy, enthusiastically agreed to join HLAA in this project, explains: ‘Thanks to the passionate ground-breaking work, the constant of HLAA member David Myers, in his Let Loop America advocacy endeavor, there was increases in accessibility for people with hearing loss. But we expect a long way to go before the people with hearing loss can therefore, in the public sector about Tune loop technology. This joint awareness campaign HLAA and the Academy will ensure that both consumers and audiologists will be loop aware of the notable advantages of the telecoil and hearing ‘.

About AANMA – founded in 1985 and is Allergy & asthma network Mothers of asthmatics is the leading national nonprofit family organization, which. Eliminating suffering and death due to asthma, allergies and related disorders AANMA core competencies are education, advocacy and public relations. The organization’s website and award-winning publications, Allergy & Asthma Today and The MA Report online newsletter, are consumer lifelines to medical news and healthy living.

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