Strategies for dealing with attacks.

Act and the protection that it now offers employees with epilepsy. Article as you go, epilepsy epilepsy and the experience of video-EEG monitoring, as well as a moving piece on empowerment of parents of a child with epilepsy, round. The current issue of the editors welcome submissions on all aspects of living with epilepsy including social, financial, legal and career – related articles.. The first issue of Epilepsy: Insights & Strategies (includes articles on the experience of undergoing epilepsy surgery, strategies for dealing with attacks, and how to productive epilepsy doctor visits , you also have an overview of the recent changes in the Americans with Disabilities.

.. Epilepsy: Insights & Strategies honors the expertise and experience of those the the most about epilepsy, said Dr. Robert Fisher, director of the Stanford Epilepsy Center and Editor-in-Chief by It’s a new kind of magazine that people, influenced their lives by seizure conditions, and strengthened peer review reliability and insights of expert physicians wrote. The publication fills the information gap between the nuggets of useful information that over the Internet from the Internet and a real medical journal.‘. The the scientific community and the clinical world are a long have been arrive on conflicting conclusions, and that work starts resolve the paradox of, ‘added Valero – Cuevas. ‘Whereas neuroscience and biomechanics studies have suggested that your muscles and joints is the theory, redundancy and provide numerous alternative solutions for perform simple tasks, clinicians regular basis see how people seeking treatment on manual disability resulting from an relatively modest diseases such aging. ‘.