The authors showed that it desires no difference in image quality between the two contrast media.

The result of the study shows that isosmolar CM iodixanol appears with a significantly lower incidence of CIN and composite CV compared with or without PCI are associated with the low – osmolar CM iopromide in patients with CKD undergoing coronary angiography. The authors showed that it desires no difference in image quality between the two contrast media, in spite of higher iodine iopromide.

A prospective study. Ann Intern Med 1989; 110:119-124. Davidson CJ. Laskey WK, Hermiller JB, Harrison JK, Matthai W, Vliestra RE, Brinker JA, Kereiakes DJ, Mill Stone JB, Lansky A, Popma JJ, Buchbinder M, Hirschfield JW. Randomized trial of contrast media utilization in high-risk PTCA . And 30-dayzed study of 1276 patients undergoing PCI using iodixanol vs. Iopamidol Comparison of in – hospital and 30-day major adverse cardiac events. The results of the study VICC. Circulation 2003, 108: S 354 – S 355 .. References – 1 Rudnick MR, Goldfarb S, Wexler L, Ludbrook PA, Murphy MJ, Halpern EF, Hill JA, Winniford M, Cohen MB, VanFossen DB. Nephrotoxicity of ionic and nonionic contrast media in 1196 patients: A randomized trial.In the diet originates mainly from vegetables – Sellerie, beets and spinach, lettuce and other green types. After the consumption, nitride leaves the bloodstream be collect organs like the heart organs such as heart, kidney and brain. Nitride this manner. Unclear whether promote nitrite in the diet may really translated at greater protection against myocardial infarction losses.. Heart healthy Greens might life-saving If O Heart Attack Strikes – is minimize A diet rich in leaf vegetables at to fabric damage myocardial infarctions, according to scientists on the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

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