The Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba to Your Health

The herb, ginkgo biloba, has been used as a natural treatment for four millennia. As science developed, we now know that this plant (one of the longest living in the world), can transfer its rejuvenative properties onto the person that consumes it, relieving them of a whole host of symptoms. The vast majority of ginkgo products contain the plant’s extract to heighten its curative properties and eliminate any harmful substances that are found in the seed itself. When taken, this herbal medicine can be used to gain the following benefits.


Improved Mental Capabilities

One of the main uses of ginkgo is to help boost the thinking skills and memory of both the young and the old. In all ages, the herb has been used to hone mental capacity, improving processing speed, expanding memory abilities, and boosting other thinking skills as well. Simply take the drug by mouth and experience a number of positive brain-related results soon afterwards.

This drug can also be used for treating those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Some studies have shown that this natural supplement can reduce the symptoms of these mental diseases, improving the mental capacity of the person taking it. By consuming gingko, an individual has a greater chance of retaining their original memory and thought processing capabilities for much longer.

Relief from Pain

Gingko biloba can also be used to treat pain in a number of situations. While it’s not a universal painkiller, it can be taken in the following circumstances:• Treating Raynaud’s Syndrome. Here, the afflicted feels sharp pain in their fingers and toes when the temperature gets too low. Oral consumption has been shown to reliably reduce the frequency of weekly attacks.• Helping those with poor blood circulation walk further without pain. If you suffer from peripheral vascular disease or claudication, this herb can help you go for longer and remain free from pain.

There is also evidence that gingko can reduce the chance of having to undergo surgery in case of poor blood flow. Luckily, stores such as Zest Life, stock this natural herb, giving you an easy way of treating the symptoms for a number of pain-related conditions.

A Boost for the Eyes

There is also evidence that this natural supplement has plenty of benefits when it comes to the patient’s vision. When taken orally, the herb has been shown to:• Improve pre-existing damage caused by glaucoma. This can thus provide a minor boost to the individual’s vision without requiring surgery.• Enhance the colour vision of those whose retinas have been damaged by diabetes. This is a long-term strategy though and the drug has to be taken for a full six months before results are seen.

If you know of anyone who suffers from poor eyesight due to the above conditions, you should definitely get them started on gingko biloba. This natural herb might provide them with much better vision without the need for harmful chemicals or surgery.

Other Benefits

Lastly, there are a few other benefits of this amazing natural supplement. If you suffer from vertigo, dizziness or any other balance disorders, taking gingko can help reduce the symptoms, clearing your head and helping you think straight. Again, this should be taken orally for best results.

Gingko can also help with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). When taken, symptoms such as breast tenderness will be dramatically reduced. For maximum effect, it is recommended to take this natural herb from the 16th day of one menstrual cycle to the 5th day of the next. This will then give you the best chance of having an easier time when experiencing the most difficult moments of your period.