The current registration status system works well for couples click to see full text.

The current registration status system works well for couples, but also for non-married or co-habiting couples, the system is more complicated. Either both parents must attend the registration together, or the father has an affidavit that are experienced by an attorney must sign. click to see full text

Tony Ivens, law, a Development Officer at Children in Wales said: We welcome these proposals, they should for unmarried couples for unmarried couples simpler and fairer It should be a number of advantages to fathers who refuse to recognize their paternity, but currently prevented from doing so by the mother’s choice a new to require a new Mothers law, a man who will prove to be the father of her child recognizes its responsibility to be given .

That Bevan Commission will help me professional advice and Wales Wales is draw becoming increasingly in the best practice from around the world, during true to the principles of of the NHS set carried Aneurin Bevan. .

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