The goal now.

The goal now, the aptamer with the ‘bomb’ that can carry combining anti-cancer drugs or diagnostic imaging directly to the cancer stem cells, the ultimate medical smart bomb. . ‘This could ultimately lead to a better survival rate for cancer and greatly improved quality of life for patients.

The Deakin researchers with scientists with scientists in India and Australia, the world’s first RNA aptamer, a chemical antibody that acts like a guided missile to seek and bind only to cancer stem cells. The aptamer has to deliver the potential drugs stem cells , and also used to develop a more effective cancer imaging system for the early detection of the disease. Their findings were recently published in an international cancer research journal, Cancer Science.Talking from Carleton University , Lewis said in that comparable the reaction of the Western countries to the HIV / AIDS pandemic, its response to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda in. Antiretroviral drugs antiretroviral drugs are available for $ 130 per person and year be available, and the world could break rear of the pandemic and the lives of millions saved if Western nations would be seriously[ HIV / AIDS], said Lewis. It added that who which Group of Eight industrialized countries do not for REPRESENTATIONS it was living at its summit the past year in Gleneagles, Scotland.