The KU researcher knows well the suffering experienced by cancer patients

The KU researcher knows well the suffering experienced by cancer patients click here . It is a motivating factor in the development of of better cancer therapies the focus of her career. My grandfather died of leukemia when I was in junior high, and he was very ill the last year of his life, Ciaccio said. And when he passed, he was so much pain but had lost so much weight and that he does not even know how he could not see himself. So that I began to think a long time ago that we be better than better than this. .

The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2008 there were 21,810 diagnoses of brain tumors and other nervous system disorders in the United States. These cancers led to approximately 13,070 deaths. What’s worse, in 2007 brain tumors were the leading cause of solid tumor death in children. Composed 21 per cent of all cancers in children ‘The current protocol involves treating major brain surgery the tumor the tumor, followed by radiation and some type of chemo,’said Ciaccio. ‘This terrible side effects and can make you sick. So for patients, not only that they live only to another 12 to 18 months, but they can be very ill during his last years. Way we want to develop treatments In the laboratorye and have fewer side effects. ‘.

‘We think we have which reason why these mole rat got cancer, and is a bit of a surprise been found,’says Vera Gorbunova in, associate professor of biology from University of Rochester principal investigator on the principal investigator of the discovering. ‘It’s very early,. Speculate on the impact of, but when the effect of p16 may affect human we are simulate maybe a way of to stop cancer before it starts have to ‘. This work was funded by the NIH and the Ellison Medical Foundation.