The most severe clinical events follow the rupture of a plaque

About atherosclerosis and sPLA2Although clinical complications of atherosclerosis can arise from narrowing of the arteries, the most severe clinical events follow the rupture of a plaque. Inflammation , which is brought in the formation of fatty streaks early and at the onset of cardiovascular side effects, in order more info . Causes cells within the plaque secrete enzymes degraded and weaken the fibrous cap, the breakage unstable plaque and thrombus formation Ruptured plaques are the cause of acute coronary events and sudden cardiac death. However, thrombotic complications from from rupture or fissure of a vulnerable plaque clinically silent, yet contribute significantly to plaque progression and ultimately stenosis. It is therefore important to patients in whom one fault vulnerable plaque is likely to result in identification of a clinical event. DiseasesThe phospholipase A2 superfamily of enzymes plays a key role in the inflammatory process by generating chemical intermediates. By detecting the activity of secretory PLA2 , the risk can be determined for a cardiovascular event. Recently showed nine large independent international clinical studies, both clinical and non – clinical populations, the strong positive correlation. Between sPLA2 activity and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

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