The precursors of sperm found in the tissue of the prostate.

Cells in turnls can be directly converted into other cell typesresearchers have found a way directly convert spermatogonial stem cells, the precursors of sperm found in the tissue of the prostate, skin and uterus. Their approach described this month in the journal Stem Cells, may prove be an effective alternative to the medical use of embryonic stem cells to be.

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Sometimes the inflammatory mass of the synovial membrane is refractory treatment treatment in that the liner is removed surgically.. Be synovectomy And as it to address rheumatoid arthritis?Answer: synovectomy of being literally removing the lining of of the joint. That synovial the liner of the joint, and it acts like a filter, especially in debris or potential bacterial or viral infections with common, we talk realized, and is is a highly effective filter. However with rheumatoid arthritis, the filter is clogged by deposition and inflammable cells and infection really supports infections at and for themselves.