The report stated that the total aid to Africa by $ 2.

The report stated that the total aid to Africa by $ 2.3 billion since 2004, but that should Gleneagles promised aid of $ 5, according to Reuters. In addition, the report praised the agreement to cancel debt and low-income countries for for health and education.

The report noted, when adjusted for debt and inflation, France had assistance to the continent fell by 1 percent since 2004, Germany in aid was increased 2 percent and Italy declined by 30 percent. Canada’s aid to Africa by 25 percent since 2004, a rate that would not double development assistance increases to 2010, the report said. Assistance from the United States declined in 2006, but in the first half of 2007, with the Congress ‘ adoption of the 2007 budget which allocates an additional $ 1 billion from what President Bush requested increase in aid to Africa.Autism chronic condition that will in infancy, score symptoms impair the social interaction, deferred development of language and impaired patterns of behavior. The disease affects the number 20 at 10,000 children. Though the causes of autism is unknown, scientific proofs point of in anomaly brain development and a strong genetic component. Well tolerated with core symptoms, children with autism frequently show heavy behavioral disturbances responsive to routine environmental needs This interference are behavioral therapy and drugs the two most important forms of the treatment..