The study was designed to overall survival.

The study was designed to overall survival, the length of time from when the treatment started measure measure a patient’s death. Zytiga Zytiga and prednisone combination therapy had a median survival time of 14, 8 months compared with 10.9 months in patients receiving the placebo and prednisone combination.

In prostate stimulated to grow the male sex hormone testosterone prostate tumors. Used drugs or surgery, in order to reduce the production of testosterone or testosterone – blocking effects. However, sometimes when testosterone levels continue to grow even when testosterone levels are low. Men with these cancers are said to have castration-resistant prostate cancer.Microcalcifications on mammograms confusion after Fat InjectionDr. Wang and colleagues on 48 women own fat autologous fat injections for a breast augmentation from 1999 to 2009 underwent. In this method, little quantities of fat through liposuction from a portion of the body receive injected to shape the breasts. In contrast to this that study, mammograms, few years after the fat injection shown grouped micro calcifications in eight of the 48 females – an installment of 16.7 %. Cases, the cases, the microcalcifications most suspicious to breast.