They believe that prevention is the only economic recommended long-term solution of the problem.

They believe that prevention is the only economic recommended long-term solution of the problem.* The food industry needs to take more responsibility for preventing obesity and governments, as the guardian of public health, must create the conditions for this to happen.

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Allen Dobson, chairman of the NC Community Care Networks for the state Community Care program, which offers Medicaid and SCHIP beneficiary and other low-income residents with major parts of a medical at home and community-based care management been it to be improves for asthma, reduced hospitalization by 35 percent and introduced at annual savings of over than 100 million dollars since 2003. Iowa State Sen. Jack Hatchback told to extend the Health Care Reform Act, a state law May 2008, the health insurance for all the eligible children, should authorized Year up to 2011, saying to the creation of health house, a statewide electronic health record system introduced, local and private prevention programs are.. To discuss At the hearing, part of a ongoing series by the committee to improve efforts for the U.S.