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Are born in high – resource regions, 000 preterm babies each year, or 7.5 % of all births.In middle resource regions are 7,000 babies preterm birth, born, or 8.8 % of all births.In low resource consumption regions, 4,000 babies premature baby, born, or 12.5 % of all births. Sources: Beck S, Wojdyla D, Betran AP, Merialdi M, Requejo JH, Rubens C, Menon R, Van Look P. WHO systematic review of maternal mortality and morbidity: The global burden of preterm birth. The Bulletin of the World Health Organization.Responding to these problems response to these problems, Rockefeller advisable in that legislators to establish an affordable and sustainable long -term health system, incentives for employers J health insurance , and . Reduction in prescription drug costs to all Americans by re-entry, and improving access generic Rockefeller added: When we do those things, it Medicare continue to be a vital, stable and efficient healthcare Programme (,, the Hill.. Medicare is often used as scapegoat for the larger evils facing our entire health system, be non the problem, but the application, Jay Rockefeller to write in a guest column in.