Though only a small %age of patients lacked an identified surrogate

She noted, though only a small %age of patients lacked an identified surrogate, physicians often had trouble reaching the surrogate to make critical decisions. In addition, few patients had ever expressed prior written or oral preferences for care. click here

The study surveyed 281 physicians, internists, especially family practice doctors, intensive care physicians and hospitalists, about in private practice in private practice. Slightly more than half of them were male. Most of these surrogate decisions involved in some aspects of the life-sustaining care for older adults. ‘A significant %age of decisions involve faced by surrogates changing aggressive care, comfort care, when medical possibilities are exhausted, a decision focus of focus of therapy is often a very difficult year for the surrogate mother, may be the one close family members and under great stress by the patient’s illness. Often knows neither the doctor nor the family, which was of course treatment treatment of the patient. Doctors reported when making these decisions, they well feel significant distress, ‘said Dr. Also the with the Fairbanks Center for Medical Ethics at Clarian Health.

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