To help the TNS established of the laboratory and in patient care.

To help the TNS established of the laboratory and in patient care, UCLA Office of Intellectual Property recently an exclusive worldwide license for the TNS with Neuro Sigma, a Los Angeles-based neuromodulation company in 2008 of promising technologies developed to commercialize executed leading universities and research institutes. Degiorgio and Cook include UCLA inventors of the TNS technology and are unpaid advisers neuro Sigma. Antonio De Salles and Jack Judy, also UCLA faculty members are co-founders of Neuro Sigma and are minority shareholders.

Zhang as NMR devices could particularly valuable in the diagnosis of caused by caused by misfolded proteins, such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s disease or prion diseases, as Cruetzfeld-Jakob disease. It could also be the early detection of glaucoma and cataracts, which could be diagnosed by testing a single teardrop. You could see it, as soon be be treatable, said Zhang.The study is in the 27th July 2005 volume of the Journal of Neuroscience.[1].. Physicians high vulnerability was also more likely documented is a depression diagnosis.

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