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University of Alabama at Birmingham 701 20th St. AB 1320 Birmingham,a person).ge-scale evaluation of iris recognition under wayof the National Institute of Standards and Technology has announced that it is running the Iris Challenge Evaluation , the first large-scale evaluation of iris recognition.Iris recognition is a potentially valuable biometric . Previous evaluations of iris recognition performance of systems performance of systems. The ICE has developed the first evaluation, the accuracy of the underlying technology that makes iris recognition measure.

Go to learn more about the ICE and access instructions on participating in the project, -.. Phase II – tentatively scheduled for the first quarter of 2006 – to give iris recognition system developers with the ability to participating in a large, independent evaluation to take. An accurate assessment an accurate assessment, the ICE will measure iris matching performance with remote . A standard dataset and test methodology will be used so that all the participants evaluated equally. – The ICE is sponsored jointly by the following federal agencies: NIST, two Department of Homeland Security agencies – Science and Technology Directorate and the Transportation Security Administration, two Department of Justice agencies – the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Institute of Justice, the Intelligence Technology innovation Center at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the interagency Technical Support Working Group, the U.S.‘The main problem with the transplantation being for diagnosing rejection The is typically has been with the microscope carried out by reading of the Release of the fabric We show how to that can be done through changes in in gene expression and in particular. Group of genes sets of genes, ‘says Philip F. Halloran, lead author the study and Editor-in – Chief of American Journal of grafting. ‘ objective and precise method of identifying possible organ rejection. ‘.

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