USA reasons why this years flu is severe.

USA – reasons why this year’s flu is severe,Contact: Christopher DiFrancesco 585-273-4790 University of Rochester Medical Center a leading expert offers a glimpse of New England Journal of Medicine Why this year’s flu packing a wallop this? And why is it in such a harsh toll on young children?

One reason is that the flu virus has changed, or mutated slightly in the nine months since flu makers designed this year vaccine, and these changes render to the vaccine less effective, according to flu expert John Treanor, director of the Vaccine and treatment evaluation Unit at the University of Rochester. Treanor provides an update on this year’s flu – and explains the reasons for its unusual severity – in an article in the 15 January 2004 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.We know that obese leads to and degrades arthritis. Which current high rates of overweight in the U.S., along with which population aging, is to be able to make to their increase in prevalence arthritis and associated activity constraints, says Jennifer Hootman, blue like , the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the arthritis program.